Friday, April 15, 2016

Welcome to the LEARN Website

LEARN (Life Education and Resource Network) is a group of Indiana homeschooling families from Bloomington, Monroe County, Brown County, and the surrounding areas. The network is diverse and inclusive; we represent many political backgrounds, educational philosophies, and religious views, and all are welcome. We are also committed to providing information to the broader community about homeschooling in Indiana; you will find links throughout the website that will connect you to articles, books, museums, legal information, etc. LEARN parents have regular planning meetings to generate ideas and coordinate activities.

To find out more about homeschooling and LEARN, please feel free to contact a volunteer LEARN representative via email below.

To meet LEARN members, please join us for Park Days on Thursdays at Karst Farm Park from 1-3 (or later). We are there most weeks, unless we have bad weather--if you do happen to find no one there at a Thursday Park Day, please come back the next week! Karst Farm Park location: Take 45 West to West Airport Road (there is a stop light there), turn right.  Turn right at the first road on your right called E Endwright Rd.  Turn left into the park entrance.  It is the first road on your left and there is a large sign that says Karst Farm Park.  Once you enter the park, take the first left.  Then follow to the first playground you see on the left.  It is not very far from where you turned.  

You can also generally find LEARN members at any number of unofficial playgroups, meet-ups, and social events each week. 

To join LEARN, please click on the "Join LEARN" button and a new page will open up. 

Some activities that LEARN members have organized, and participated in, in the recent past have included:

* classes taught by LEARN parents
* tours of IU Art Musuem
* tours of IU Greenhouse
* language classes - French, Spanish, etc. - through private instructors
* theatre productions
* bowling tournaments
* ice skating
* field trips to a honey farm
* weekly park days
* e-zines
* piano/music classes
* December ornament decorating parties
* Pottery & Art Classes through private instructors
* Indoor Wall Climbing
* music classes- voice and instrument
* dance & movement classes
* Eagle Watch presentations and hikes
* Beach Days at Paynetown on Lake Monroe
* Maple Syrup Farm tours
* Peden Farm Tours
* original Musical Productions and their performances
* WPAFB Air Force Museum (Dayton) home school day activities
* large group horseback riding at McCormick's Creek
* ballet performances at IU Nutcracker
* homeschool ice skating classes and performances at Frank Southern Center
* nature hikes
* trips to the Cikana Fish Hatchery
* fire station tours
* tours of the police station
* Sledding Day
* tours of the Mail Distribution Center
* Indianapolis Art Museum tours
* Indiana State Museum tours
* Holiday caroling at nursing homes
* volunteering at Wonderlab
* Valentine's Day parties
* SRSC Family Night first Friday night of every month
* Group Sports at 9th Street Park, including Soccer and Flag Football
* LEARN's own "homemade" Quiddich Game at Girl's Inc.
* public soccer classes at Bloomington United Soccer School
* singing with IU Children's Choir
* play groups
* Pirate's Gold treasure/math hunts
* study groups
* and more!


General disclaimer: The members of LEARN are an extremely diverse group, whose philosophies of life and learning and homeschooling can differ greatly. Therefore, if a LEARN member speaks about something, it shouldn't be assumed that this is a group policy or belief. Each member DEFINITELY has opinions that vary from those of other members or the group's desire as a whole.